1. FAQ



What is ShinePay?

ShinePay allows coin-op laundry customers to pay with their smartphone. ShinePay allows coin-op laundry owners to retrofit their existing equipment at a much lower cost than ever before. From $10’s of thousands to as-low as $99. ShinePay provides a payment and business intelligence platform similar to Salesforce but specialized for laundry.

How much does ShinePay cost?

The equipment required for each machine is a one-time cost of $149/machine. Transaction fee is 3.9%. There is no activation fee. There is no monthly service fee There is no obligation or contract. Installation is DIY or for a fee by a trained professional.

How long is your warranty?

One year, however, ShinePay is made with high-grade components. We anticipate a ShinePay receiver will last well beyond 10 years.

How does ShinePay Differ from a card system?

Much more cost effective, much easier to use, much easier to set up.

Do you provide signage?

We have signage available for download through our webstore.

I still have questions, what should I do?

Contact support, we’re here to help.