ShineInsights App

ShineInsights is a full-featured application for owners and operators to manage and track all aspects of their laundry payment operation.

Key Features

With ShineInsights you have access to the following features and more:

  • Add machines to your account
  • Set pricing for your machines
  • View your machines transactions
  • Withdrawl your funds
  • Track coin usage
  • Configure loyalty rewards
  • Issue refunds
  • Add attendants to your account

How to setup ShineInsights

Download the mobile app

ShineInsights is available in the Apple App Store. We are currently developing an Android and Web version of the app, check back for updates.


Signup for ShineInsights with the email assigned to the account owner.

Unable to signup?

If you are unable to signup, or you are unsure who the owner is contact the distributor where you purchased ShinePay or contact support at

How to add your machines

Create your first location

Each machine must live within a location

Create multiple locations

If you have a single location you can skip this section.

If you have multiple locations please read carefully

Make sure to create multiple locations then add your machines within their corresponding locations. This is important for tracking and accounting purposes.

Add each machine to it’s location

Add your machines to your account through the manage tab.

How to remove a location

In the event that you need to remove a location, follow the steps in the video below

How to rename a location

In the event that you need to rename a location, follow the steps in the video below.

How to set and adjust pricing

Update the price of your machines

You can update the price of your machine anytime, from anywhere.

Are customers alerting you that the ShinePay price is incorrect?

If customers have alerted you that the price of a machine is incorrect, it is likely that you have not configured them with the correct price. Follow the steps in the video below to update the price of ShinePay to match your machines price.

Configure multiple pricing modes for each machine

If your machine has multiple pricing tiers you can configure them.

How to withdraw your funds

ShinePay stores your funds similar to a PayPal account. You can withdraw funds anytime, as many times as you would like.

How to track coin usage

Learn about coing counting by watching the video below

How to reset the Coin-Count of a machine in ShineInsights

How to activate a machine with ShineInsights

There may be a use case where you would like the power to activate a machine on-demand without using funds (testing etc). This is possible through the ShineInsights app.

You must be within physical range of the machine to activate it

Although most of the ShineInsights features work remotely, activating a machine is not one of them. You must be physically near a machine to activate.

How to configure loyalty and rewards

Additional features

Enable or disable ShinePay for an individual machine

This feature is useful if a machine needs maintenance and you would like to temporality pause ShinePay.

Updated on August 14, 2018

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