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The ShinePay App Guide

ShinePay is a simple application for customers and tenants to pay for laundry.

Key Features

With ShinePay users have access to the following features:

  • Scan a machine to pay
  • Safely store credit and debit cards
  • Request refunds

How does ShinePay work?

1. Download ShinePay

2. Signup

Follow the app prompts to signup.

3. Add a payment method and deposit funds

Tap the + icon in the upper left corner of the app. Enter your credit/debit card information and deposit funds to your account.

4. Scan your machine

Select your machine by taping the ‘scan your machine to pay button’ and scanning your machine.

5. Select a mode

If the machine has multiple modes, select your desired mode.

6. Activate the machine

Confirm the payment to activate the machine.


Updated on May 30, 2018

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